Eden Grounds & Views

Relax and enjoy the views and wildlife in our sitting areas indoors and out. As a guest at this Bed and Breakfast, you may choose to sit quietly on the bluff to watch the eagles glide gracefully down from their treetop perch to soar over the water. While relaxing on the house deck you may enjoy the deer roaming the grounds as a pheasant crows from his roost.  If you sit long enough, the wild birds will bathe and feed nearby and a raccoon may be seen in the distant brush.

Here, you will have unmatched views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains. The suites and common areas are strategically positioned to enjoy the best views. Take advantage of outdoor sitting areas to relax and relish the panoramic views. Our guests tell us it would be impossible to capture the beauty of the home and grounds on a website.