Eden Gourmet

During the Browns 27 years of business travel throughout the UK, France, Bermuda, Mexico, Amsterdam and most of the United States, Evelyn’s life long interest in creating gourmet food was broadened with the many culinary experiences she enjoyed around the world.

Collecting and reading cookbooks of every culture is one of Evelyn’s favorite hobbies and she is in her element, when creating a mouth-watering experience for family and friends. Her 23 years in New Mexico and her travel experiences have given her the opportunity to learn, one-on-one in the kitchens of Mexican, New Mexican, Irish, English, Sri Lankan and Thai natives.  She claims her kitchen will never be without Hatch, New Mexico Red and Green Chili, Cocoa from England, Tea from Sri Lanka, Fish Sauce from Thailand, currants for Irish Griddle Scones, Vanilla from Mexico, or a fine French cheese.

A popular guest request is Huevos Rancheros New Mexico Style, over easy eggs on top of warm corn tortillas.  On either side of the eggs rest crisp hash browns and home-style pinto beans. This combination is smothered in unique gravy made from fresh green or red (your choice) New Mexico Chili.  A traditional New Mexican Breakfast, the dish is complete when topped with cheddar cheese and passed under the broiler.  Served hot from the broiler with a warm buttered flour tortilla, you will savor every mouthful.  The traditional finish is a hot fluffy sopaipilla pastry drizzled with honey.

Food Allergies/Preferences
Eden by the Sea is able to accommodate specific food restrictions or preferences. Please be sure to make note of any allergies or foods you dislike when making your reservation.

"Eats of Eden" Cookbook (Available Upon Request)
$29 shipped to your home/$24 when purchased at Eden